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Before I tell you anything, I want to comfort you ; this blog is guaranteed "Zero Spoil". Therefore do not fear to click and read the tests. They are written in the only goal to share my adventures with you. Also, I play like anyone, the Escape Games companies do not invite me. I am not part of bloggers who come to test but I 'm a fan of Escape Games, so no special treatment !

énigmes équipe
It all started one summer evening in Montpellier. We are looking for something fun to do and someone speaks imprecisely of a kind of role play, a room we have to escape, puzzles ... All of scattered information that does not alarm us more than that. By digging a little we discover the Escape Games, and it's a whole new world that awaits us. After reading numerous opinions, consulted the websites of various brands based in the city, we voted, we have taken the plunge.

énigmes horloge
A first Escape Game, a second ... and a tenth ... We continued such as addicts, constantly in search of action and still more thrills. Our thirst for puzzles and escape helped us to find nearby stores close to us, regardless of our geographical position. We came back home in Paris in September and we continued our researches because we love this activity more and more. It is by becoming aware of the important degree of the phenomenon that we encountered a major problem: how long will it take to test all the Escape Games of Paris, France, and to long term, of the world?

énigmes réfléchir en groupe
Escape The Games allow friends, family and even colleagues to come together with a common goal: escape from a room in 60 minutes (or more depending on the company). A rainy day? Brain boiling? Children or friends to calm (or to lock ...)? The Escape Game is made for you and everyone will enjoy it. Seeing the number of stores, rooms and themes proposed by retailers, it's easy to book a party, both weekdays and weekends. The difficulty levels vary and are often subjective; this is why you should not always trust the ratings on sites. In addition, the Game Masters will adapt according to the participants, since their aim is above all to make you a good time.

énigmes cadenas à code
If you want to test your logic, your thinking skills and strengthen your team spirit then run to the Escape Games. But don’t forget that you will run for 60 minutes (or less if you're quick!) to get out of the room. Also, if you want to run again, Escape Games tested in other cities of France will make you travel. Follow your instincts (and your brain) and you will discover a multitude of scenarios that allow you to satisfy your thirst for puzzles.

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If all roads lead to Rome, all the puzzles lead to the exit.